License Classes

New Jersey Sailing School & Charter, Inc. offers USCG Captain License Classes for the OUPV (six-Pack) and the Master Upgrade.

We offer the course a variety of ways to suit your schedule. We have the traditional classroom sessions, online courses, and a new "Blended" course that incorporates the online classes with traditional classroom sessions.

Captain Training. NJ Sailing offers USCG Captain license training online, classroom, and a new "blended" course that has the best of both. If you can't spend three weekends sitting in a classroom or you find it hard to learn plotting online, our blended course allows you to do the rules online and come into the classroom for some hands-on plotting instruction.

A classroom class is being reviewed and schedules are pending.
Classes start om Friday evening at 5:30 till 10:PM and 9:am to 5:30 PM each Saturday and Sunday.
The course is set up for both the "Classroom" course and the "Blended" course. If you can't make one of the scheduled classes, you can make it up online.

The Master Upgrade class is scheduled for dates subsequent to OUPV classes

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All courses offer the USCG exam at our location so there is no need to test at the Coast Guard Regional Office. We also help you file your papers.

The purpose of the NJSS&C Captain Class is to provide quality captain's training as required by the Coast Guard for the Six-Pack license and Masters licenses. It is our aim to get away from the usual "prep course" which emphasizes "test preparation" by rehearsing questions and answers with a computer or canned questions and to actually teaching the material. We want to educate and make the mariner a safer boater.

The course program was created by experienced teachers who want to get away from the "test taking" mode into advanced nautical education and teach usable, practical subjects to the level reflected in the Coast Guard test. When the "approved course" concept was introduced, the course sponsors applied for and got approval for our course. The Coast Guard Approval included the course material, teachers, facilities, schedules, tests, sites and includes oversight by the local REC for conformance


The most popular schedule which doesn't require taking off from work is the 3 weekend course which covers 3 Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday. However, with our new Blended course, we can accommodate any schedule.


Register on our storefront site and complete the Registration form (link below). Once registration is completed, a package with your materials will be provided and you can start your study.

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We furnish the necessary workbook, charts, and loan plotting gear and nautical publications. All you need to bring is an open mind and the motivation to learn.


Testing is performed at the end of the course on Sunday afternoon and the questions are from the Coast Guard test with Coast Guard standards for passing. Modules are somewhat different in that there are 5 modules (Rules, navigation, safety, deck and piloting) with Coast Guard "pass rates".

If you happen to fail a module by a couple of questions, you will be allowed to retest at the original test site. Failing that, you may take a third test at another place.

Failing the third one, he must retake the entire course. Some mariners shouldn't be charter captains!

New “Blended” Course

The Blended course utilizes the Internet to teach certain subjects which require memorization PLUS classroom where the hands on plotting and a review of the Rules of the Road are conducted ending with the exam.

This Study Guide is the basis for your course which follows the video potion. The most effective method is to follow the video and refer to your Study Guide.

Every couple hours there is a quiz which covers the material. If you miss a quiz question it'll refer you back to the part that you missed. I

The course starts with the hardest section which is mostly new material and the part that requires a score of 90%. Yes, at the end of the course you'll take a test which requires 90% (27 out of 30).
As you progress thru the course the computer will mark each section which you will have to pass to go onto the next section. When you have completed all sections the computer will administer a typical CG test.

That being done you will qualify to take the classroom portion which has a day of "hands on" plotting, a half a day of the Rules of the Road and then a proctored test which replaces the test at the CG.

When you sign up you will get this Study Guide and a password to enter the site. The computer will keep track of your progress as you wind along the way to your CG OUPV license.

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